MiWAM Login For Claimants

MiWAM Login For Claimants:- The Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM) is the UIA’s updated and enhanced method for online managing your unemployment account by imparting some unemployment benefits for you. The Employer Web Account Manager (EWAM) is replaced by MiWAM and simplifies, speeds up, and improves the efficiency with which you do business with the UIA. In addition, MiWAM now has a more streamlined appearance and is more user-friendly.

MiWAM enables you to do normal transactions online, such as filing reports, paying taxes, reading statements, and changing your unemployment tax account information. Employers are not charged, and the system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For employers, maintaining your account online is safer, more accurate, quicker, allows for more real-time processing, and provides pandemic emergency unemployment compensation.

MiWAM Login

MiWAM may be used to:

  • Check your benefit payment history and claim balance.
  • Keep your personal information safe.
  • Choose or change your payment method.
  • Submit a question to receive an email response.
  • Make a payment
  • Submit a protest or an appeal in response to a ruling.
  • Submit job search information every month.
  • File a UIA tax protest.
  • Make It Possible for Out-of-State Service Providers to Participate
  • Request a work-seeking exemption.
  • Get unemployment claim
  • Respond to fact-finding questions.
  • Submit Powers of Attorney authorizations.
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Report business discontinuation or transfer and much more.

MiWAM also makes it easier to obtain benefits certification. You do not have to wait for a set day and time to certify for benefits, unlike MARVIN. Monday through Saturday, you can certify at any time of day or night. Certifying online shortens the processing time and ensures that you receive your money as soon as possible.

Important Michigan State Unemployment MILogin Guides

How to Use Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM)

MiWAM MILogin For Claimants

To create a MiWAM account as an employer, go to our website at www.michigan.gov/uia, and click on for employees > Create and Set Up MiWAM Account.

  1. Click on ‘sign in to MlLOGIN’.
  2. Click on sign up.
  3. Create your profile.
  4. Complete the required information.

Select next once you’ve accepted the Terms & Conditions. To finish your profile, you will be prompted to provide a user ID and password. Again, please pay special attention to the conditions.

Choose your preferred password recovery methods. Multiple options can be selected.

Give your social security number and date of birth to begin integrating your unemployment insurance account into MiLOGIN. Click Submit. Your MILogin will be successfully linked to your unemployment insurance record.

If you are already a claimant, a driver’s license or Michigan ID will be required for verification. In addition, you would need to provide an authentication code. Under authentication type, select the text, email, or both to get your authentication code.

Select email if your carrier is not listed. Click on save. You will be prompted to send an authentication code using your chosen method.

Enter the code that you received.

Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency

This agency provides unemployment benefits to eligible workers who are not unemployed due to their fault and meet certain other eligibility requirements, usually in the form of weekly payments, and provides pandemic unemployment assistance. It is regulated jointly by the US Department of Labor and the State of Michigan.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance was established by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES).

PUA provides up to 39 weeks of unemployment benefits to individuals who are ineligible for these benefits. Under PUA self-employed individuals, independent contractors, nonprofit employees, economy workers, clergy, and those working for religious organizations not covered by regular unemployment compensation and part-time workers may qualify for unemployment benefits and work search activity. Individuals who have exhausted all rights to such benefits and individuals that lack sufficient work history are also eligible.

To get unemployment benefits, you must first apply for them from the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency. You must continue to qualify and be eligible for unemployment benefits to keep getting them. To stay eligible and qualified there are certain things you must do.

  • Read the unemployment Booklet
  • Claim your benefits by:
    • Reporting online
    • Reporting by phone
    • Answering questions

Claimants receiving unemployment benefits must actively seek jobs and report job hunting activities at least once a week. Work search activities include:

  • Applying for jobs in person or online.
  • Participate in online job search seminars or workshops.
  • Creating a profile or a resume on a job site.

Most applicants for unemployment benefits are required to report their job search activities. If you get an approved exemption, the requirement will not apply and you will not have to look for work.

Pandemic emergency unemployment compensation (PEUC) provides an extension of benefits to claimants who have exhausted all rights to regular employment. Employees can use PEUC for work search activities.

Other Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM) Functions

Registration and seeking work waiver

Employers may obtain a Registration and Seeking Work Waiver for employees laid off for less than 45 days. Such a request must be received before the layoff (no later than the week before the layoff).

Protesting Benefit Charges in MiWAM

Employers get statements of charges and credits made into their respective accounts under Form UIA 1136, which is Statement of Unemployment Benefits Charged or Credited to Employer’s Account — every week. If the employer challenges the statement’s correctness or feels the stated earnings or other information is incorrect, they may object to the benefit costs. With MiWAM, you may immediately review the paperwork and challenge the benefit costs. Choose the Benefit Services option.

Form UIA 1136

Michigan works by a listing of benefits paid is a finding that the implicated claimant was neither jobless or underemployed, capable of working, available for employment, and had compensation as stated on Form UIA 1136 for the week(s) paid and has attested truthfully. Because the benefit payment listing is a determination, it can be challenged on the grounds mentioned above. There is an electronic version of this Form available as well.

Submit Michigan Employer’s Quarterly Tax (or) Payroll Report

Form UIA 1028, Employer’s Quarterly Wage/Tax Report 

The UIA sends Form UIA 1028, Employer’s Quarterly Wage/Tax Report, to each contributing employer every calendar quarter. Each covered employee whose wages/salaries were given per calendar quarter must be furnished with wage detail information. The filled form is returned to UIA roughly within 30 days after it is mailed. If you don’t get Form UIA 1028, the employer should file the report on time. The blank copy of the Form UIA 1028 is available on the UIA’s website at www.michigan.gov/uia or by faxing the UIA’s Office of Employer Ombudsman (OEO) at 1-855-4UIAOEO (855-484-2636).

You can file Form UIA 1028 online by clicking on the File and Pay Quarterly Taxes task through Michigan’s One Stop website. You will be sent to the UIA’s online services via the Michigan Web, Account Manager if you choose this assignment (MiWAM). If a person doesn’t already have a MiWAM account, he/she may sign up for it and gain access to UIA’s different online services.

The UIA must receive Form UIA 1028 or file it electronically through MiWAM till the 25th of the month of each quarter. Therefore, even if there are no covered workers, no income, or paid no wages during the quarter, you must file a report for each calendar quarter.

Please contact the Office of the Employer Ombudsman for queries at 1-855-4UIAOEO (855-484-2636), between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays, or through email at OEO@michigan.gov.

UIA Payment Due Dates and Reminders

Before the quarterly due date of the UIA 1028, Employer’s Quarterly Wage/Tax Report, the employer will receive the email reminder.

Employers can choose for the email reminder between 10 or 25 days before the quarterly due date. For signing up, go to the Michigan Business One Stop website, pick the Operate a Business option, and then Electronic Reminders of Statement and Payment Due Dates. Next, create a MiWAM account if you don’t have one already.

Information for Service Providers

Service providers will create a web account and upload a client file to offer their clients access to electronic services. The POA will be the client file.

When signing up for MiWAM, you have the option of creating an Employer Representative Web account. This sort of account is required for employer representatives (who do not have a UIA account) to conduct different duties on an employer’s behalf. Please contact MiWAM support if you already have a MiWAM account and need to be identified as a service provider.

Bulk Filing of Reports

Bulk filing is a medium through which you can input multiple files at a time for companies with multiple employees or Service Providers representing several companies.

Michigan Works

It is an association that provides services and support to Michigan’s workforce development system. Through the association, members can obtain relevant professional development opportunities in a timely manner and ensure that all clients receive high-quality courses.

MI Unemployment Office Phone Numbers

UI Customer Service Line1-866-500-0017
UI Customer Service Line TTY Users1-866-366-0004
Filing Claims – Cantonese1-800-547-3506
Fraud Hotline1-855-842-7463
Work Search Report SubmissionFax: 1-517-636-0427
Michigan Works!1-800-285-9675
Overpayment Collection Unit1-800-638-6372
Advocacy Program1-800-638-3994
Trade Act1-866-241-0152

FAQs About MiWAM Unemployment Login

What will happen once you register for MiWAM?

After you are registered with MiWAM, you’ll get a 10-day temporary password allowing you limited access to your account in minutes. That password will allow you to form file reports, payments and also update the user profile. You will get the authorization code within ten days via mail.

Why is registering to MiWAM a necessary step?

In order to avail of the unemployment benefit payments, you have to register and make an account.

What should we do if we forget our username or password?

You need to click on the link ‘Forgot your Password? or Forgot Your Username?’ under the Services for Employers section and follow the steps. If you have just forgotten the password, you just have to enter the username. You’ll recover your username by giving your ID, email address and answering the secret question you provided when you created your account.

What will happen if somebody lost or never received the authorization code?

You should request a replacement code by clicking on “Lost/Never Received Authorization” on the login screen. If you are doing not have an authorization code after your 10-day limited access expires, you want to request a replacement authorization code be mailed to you. You’ll be unable to go online to MiWAM without giving the authorization code.

Can another representative from my company access my user account & perform all the functions on my behalf?

Yes. When you register for MiWAM, you also get the choice to establish another user’s web account. This will give an advantage to the added user to do various functions on behalf of an employer in case the person doesn’t have an account. Through this account, you can easily designate the level of authority for your added user.

What is the benefit of the Michigan unemployment insurance agency?

You’ll receive a weekly payment if you’re not employed due to certain reasons.

What’s the difference b/w an “Employer Representative” and an “Added User”?

Added User can be someone from your company, like an employee who’s been granted access to view, submit, or change any information with respect to your account. At the same time, Employer Representative is the one outside of your company, like an accountant or service provider, who is not regarded as the company’s employee. These Employer Representatives require (POV) Power of Attorney to work or act on your behalf.

Does your password expire?

Yes, the password expires annually. Thus, you have to change it annually.

What if I need any help related to the account?

To get help for individual elements on a window, you need to click on the assistance or help icon in the window’s upper right corner.

MiWAM (Michigan Works) Contact Information

Contact the Office of Employer Ombudsman at
Phone: (313) 456-2300 or 1-855-4UIAOEO (484-2636)
or by email at OEO@michigan.gov.
For any technical support, contact MiWAM Support at MiWAMSupport@michigan.gov or Call on this phone number (313) 456-2188.