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MiWAM Login:- To help you connect your unemployment account to your Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM) or your jobseeker account to Pure Michigan Talent Connect (PMTC), The Department of Labour and Economic Opportunity has brought you a new single MILogin account. To successfully access your MiWAM account, you need to have a MILogin account.

Michigan’s unemployment insurance agency has introduced a new login process to make access easier for new and existing users of MiWAM and PTMC. In addition, it has become mandatory to get your unemployment claims.

The new MiWAM login portal has made it easier for Michigan residents to contact Michigan’s department dealing with unemployment claims. This new login process is not only for people searching for employment but also for employers. The MiWAM employer login lets the employers looking for workers amidst the crisis find a qualified workforce.

MiWAM Login MILogin
MiWAM Login Page

Steps to Login MiWAM Account or for account creation (for both claimants and employers)

Step 1:- Go to any browser and visit the MiWAM UIA login portal at www.michigan.gov/uia.

Step 2:- Search for “Michigan Web Account for Claims and Employers” and then login either as a claimant or an employer.

Step 3:- Then click on the MILogin button and go to the login portal to enter your UserID and Password or use the “Signup” button to create a new account.

Step 4:- Put in the login credentials and then click on “Login.” Then shortly, it will direct you to your online MiWAM account.

The MILogin lets you get hold of multiple state services and online systems across various departments by using only a single ID and password. Thus you can access all the state services without having to remember multiple login sites and credentials. The UIA decided on this method for various security reasons so that fraud claims and call alerts get lower.

Forgot Your Password?

If you cannot seem to put the correct password credentials for logging in to your account, then click on “Forgot your password?”. This option will open a new window where you have to put your User ID and another option to verify your identity. Then you can enter a new password and reset your old password.

Account Locked

Do not fret if your account gets locked for security reasons, as it will be automatically unlocked within 30 minutes. But if you wish to unlock the account before the concerned 30 minutes, you can contact the authority at the helpline at 1-866-500-0017. (TTY -1-866-366-0004) from Monday to Friday between 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

MiWAM Sign in – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I log into MiWAM?

The easiest method to contact the Michigan government UIA to get unemployment benefits is to go online and visit www.michigan.gov/uia  and log into the MiWAM account by entering the password. You can create a new account if you want do not have an existing one. 

What is the website for Michigan unemployment?

The website for Michigan unemployment is www.michigan.gov/uia. You can create a UI account to file for your unemployment benefits and even get pandemic unemployment assistance.

How do I certify on MiWAM online?

You can certify for MiWAM either through phone or online but not both. By phone, you can contact MARVIN at 1-866-638-3993. You can reach the online services through www.michigan.gov  under the accounts alert. It usually takes 24 to 28 hours to get system updates via the web page or the official UIA email address.

How do I file an unemployment claim in Michigan?

You can file an unemployment claim in Michigan at the Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA). You can also apply for the claim via a toll-free telephone number – 1-866-500-0017 (1-866-366-0004 for TTY customers). Online application is also possible at

There you will find an option called “Michigan Web Account Manager for Claimants and Employers.” You can apply for unemployment there.

15 thoughts on “MiWAM Login Direct Link”

  1. Keith Rausch says:

    I don’t understand how you can say I was overpaid for unemployment when the only time I drew was when the State was shut done and I couldn’t work on someone’s home when no products were available ( all the stores were closed – lumberyards and hardware ) and I could not travel because the state was shut down. The government shut everyone down unless you were an essential worker. Contractors were not considered essential.

    1. You must not have turned in proof that you worked. Did you turn in any poof of employment from 2019 to when the pandemic happened. They had to have asked you for something and you didn’t see it or turn it in. Go to correspondence. Even if it says no letters, no messages.. click on view anyways. Go to Determination tab and you might have letters there. Alot of people do not keep up with the correspondence and almost every letter has a date to complete deadlines.

  2. Codi Arcos says:

    I need help signing in to my miwham asap i have alot of certify my weeks .. can someone please from that department help me get into it.

    1. Why cant you get into your account? What is it saying..

  3. Arthur Abney says:

    I can not log in to certify

    1. go to view all claims, click on your claim number. It will be the most recent one, end date of september 4th.
      click on it and it will take you to to the correct extension on your claim. I don’t know what happend but this is some sort off glitch. your dates to certify will pop up.

  4. Linda L Gundrum says:

    I’m not smart enough to do everything i have been told to do. I first was supposed to go into verify identity and today i get a letter notice of determination it said i voluntary quit my job and I didn’t . I’m off on medical leave. I don’t know what to do and I didn’t get my documents turned in because I could not do it. I can’t spell good at all and I am a poor reader so I don’t understand things also I had to file for a new social security card because the only one I could find has my maiden name on it but I do have a Michigan driver’s license and my birth certificate from the hospital but it’s so old it’s hard to see it. I tried getting ahold of the county I was born in and had trouble because everything is on a answering machine and the place I call only had year prier and current year the number I was given kept being busy so I had no luck . I don’t understand how people like myself is supposed to make it in life when everything is done on a computer and i know there are people that’s dumber then me.

    1. if your on paid medical leave, you don’t qualify, even unpaid. You must be able, available and ready for work.

  5. Linda L Gundrum says:

    I need someone to call me that can help me understand and the things I’m supposed to do

    1. I don’t want anything. Why should I put my time into helping another person that talks like that. Just common niceness of a stranger giving you information to me, you do not qualify, at all, its one of the very few reasons you get a denial letter. if you are getting paid for both,that’s serious trouble. Definitely call them if you certified and got paid.. you do not qualify. google it if you must. Unemployment works like this. You only get unemployment if you are able,available and ready to work. if your on medical leave then you cant work right? im sorry, thats a wrap.k

  6. ok. My name is Rachal. I admin a Large unemployment help group on Facebook. I have helped alot of people. Ask me a problem with UIA or PUA questions and If I cant answer it 100% correct, I wont. Do not put anything personal whatsoever on here.

  7. i had a allowed for pua they asked for id /vertification and then ability abilty and now i see fact finer employer what that mean

  8. The ID verification is sending in your ID, SSN, Birth Cert. and a selfie holding your drivers license/ID.
    the ability is you had to of answered a question saying that you were unavailable or you turned down work. maybe you said yes to the question of are you staying home with a child? It doesn’t matter if you couldn’t find child care or whatever the reason is, you have to able and available to start working that day if asked. You limited your availability, so go to your determination tab and you should have a fact finding letter. they want to know why you limited your availability. Peopple dont realize what they are getting into. Not everyone qualified for PUA. Hopefully the ones who didnt lie and can show proof of employment wont have to pay it nback. FACT FINDER EMPLOYER MEANS THAT THEY WANT TO TALK TO YOUR EMPLOYER BEFORE THEY MAKE A DECISION.

  9. i can not access my acount. Ive been blocked to certify my weeks of UE benifits. I recieved a letter asking for proof of idenity. I sent everything they asked for? now what?

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